How Do You Coach To Guarantee Success?

How Do You Coach To Guarantee Success?

Coaching for High Performance

Coaching a person to ensure their success as well as that of the organization requires a verbal contract and physical commitment to the individual(s) being coached. The first thing anyone wants to know is: what’s in it for me? Why should I do this? Why should I listen? What do I get from it? These are questions the people being coached want the answers to without ever even asking the questions. To be a successful coach, we must paint a picture for them verbally of what their success will look like and what it will do for them. Keep in mind it has to be attached to their goals not goals we think they should want.

As a successful coach we listen to them, support them, and guide them. We commit to helping them pursue and achieve their goals and journey. We tie the organization’s goals and needs into their goals so in their mind when they help us achieve the company’s goals they also achieve their personal goals! Win/Win!! To be a successful coach requires us to be a master of questions! The focus of a truly powerful coach is not telling people what and how to do things. It’s knowing how to ask the right questions at the right time to stimulate thought and self- discover in the person or people being coached! A truly powerful coach is a catalyst for discover not an encyclopedia of steps and instructions!

To become a truly powerful coach and developer of people, you have to know and be able to produce the required components:

  • Trust
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Agreement
  • Commitment

Coaching for successs

Trust—as coaches we must first focus on earning their trust. We do that by focusing on their needs being open and honest in all of our dealings. We do not sugar coat but we do not embellish or put a negative spin on anything. Straight forward and goal focused in all of our dealings with them.

Openness—Often time’s coaches think they should hide the truth from the performer so they do not realize the odds against them. To be powerful we must be open about the challenge as well as the glory of success and the personal reward for achievement. We inspire and motivate them to meet challenges not try to make it seem easy. When the challenge is greater so too are the sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Agreement—To take a person or persons on a journey as a coach we must clearly spell out the necessary actions and commitment and then paint the picture of success and achievement of goals. We show them the rewards they will earn and the achievement they will reach. It is key that the coach and participants are in agreement they want to pursue these goals together.

Commitment—to achieve the agreement and get a commitment, the coach must clearly demonstrate the minimum requirement of effort and activity it will take to achieve the common goals. There must be a firm commitment from both parties to do whatever is necessary to jointly achieve their common goals. The coach also commits to only lead the participant as far as they wish to go. If they do not wish to meet the minimum standard then the appropriate course of actions will be followed. If they commit to the common goals the coach will ensure every action and activity will be moving them to their greatest potential.

performance coachingTo achieve the components, the coach must learn about their participant. Who they are, what they want, what they like, what they do not like. The coach learns what motivates them and what inspires them. The coach’s main tool will be positive reinforcement but always with complete honesty. Instead of telling a participant they were not giving their all. A true coach will use questions to help them admit they were not giving their all and then get them to recommit to the goals and the journey to achieving them.

In his book, (Roberts, Anthony, “Why Try to Make Them Do IT When You Can Make Them Want To? Pg. 39) coaching expert A.D. Roberts lays out his “Seven Steps to Positive Coaching”. These are the steps it takes to become an expert or truly powerful coach and developer of people! It’s a process that builds the above components and efficiently helps the participant to quickly and efficiently discover their potential and path to their goals.

On this website we will share the secrets of being a truly powerful coach. Anthony Roberts, author, developer of master leaders, innovator, training designer and CEO of the Team-builder Leadership Institute will share the techniques that allow you to develop everyone you coach to their fullest potential! Whether you are military, a teacher, a preacher, a police officer, a social worker, it matters not! The techniques we will share will imbue you with abilities that will take your coaching to an effectiveness level you have never dreamed of or even imagined! Visit frequently and let A. D. Roberts share his expertise and abilities with you so you can be the coach you want to be to get the results you want!